About Mormon News


Mormon News Podcast is a weekly, hour-long podcast distributed by Open Stories Foundation. A diverse panel representing varied voices within the Mormon experience will discuss recent news relating to the faith. Hosted by John Dehlin, Ph.D.

Panelists Include:
John Dehlin, Ph.D.

John is a researcher, podcaster, and social activist.  He has a Ph.D. in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Utah State University. John’s clinical and research interests involve the nexus of religion and mental health. John’s research has been published in numerous peer reviewed scientific journals including the Journal of Counseling Psychology (APA), the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Identity, the Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, the Journal of Homosexuality, and the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. Prior to obtaining his Ph.D., John worked for seven years at Microsoft Corporation, and three years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the Director of the International OpenCourseWare Consortium. John is the founder of Mormon Stories Podcast, the most popular and longest running podcast within Mormonism. Mormon Stories Podcast was established to explore and challenge Mormon culture.

John Hamer

John is a historian, theologian, and community builder. John is a Seventy in Community of Christ and serves as pastor of the church’s downtown Toronto congregation. He is the president of Sionito, Community of Christ’s Toronto-based social housing charity. John was one of the originators of the Latter-day Seekers program, which has sought to create a safe and meaningful refuge for former Mormons who were not affirmed within their own faith community. He is currently engaged in Community of Christ’s “Creating Connections” program, which seeks to build inclusive communities among the growing number of individuals who consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious.” John is a frequent blogger and podcaster and is a regular panelist on Infants on Thrones.

Kristy Maxfield Kimball

Kristy is an attorney and activist, with particular interest in issues surrounding gender equality, human rights, and social justice. Kristy has her B.S. in Sociology from Brigham Young University and her J.D. from the University of Utah. She founded the Health Law Section of the Utah Bar and is the founding partner of Kimball Stilling & Harrison, a firm specializing in Health Law and Life Sciences Law. Kristy has served on several non-profits boards, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Utah Health Policy Project, and the Erin Kimball Memorial Foundation. During law school, Kristy completed an internship with Human Rights Watch and did extensive work with Utah attorney Brian Barnard, particularly on cases involving the First Amendment and issues related to the separation of Church and State. Kristy is the mother of three children, and a lover of NPR and world travel.

Sean Carter

Sean is a lawyer, humorist, writer, blogger and public speaker. He graduated from Harvard Law School and spent ten years as a corporate lawyer before embarking on a career as America’s foremost (well, actually only) Humorist at Law. Since 2002, Sean has crisscrossed North America giving comedic legal education programs for more than 400 legal organizations in 43 states and 4 provinces. Sean is also the author of two books and has written opinion pieces for dozens of newspapers and magazines. Finally, Sean currently blogs and writes painfully long Facebook posts about current affairs, particularly as they apply to diversity.